Lesson 8: Travel

Regular -ir Verbs

The second category of regular French verbs is -ir verbs. To conjugate, drop the -ir to find the “stem” or “root”. Add endings to the root based on the subject and tense.

French Grammar • Travel
-ir Verb Formation Formation des verbes en -ir
finir – to finish
pronoun ending verb
je -is finis
tu -is finis
il/elle -it finit
nous -issons finissons
vous -issez finissez
ils/elles -issent finissent

Possessive Adjectives


French Grammar • Travel
Possessive Adjectives Les adjectifs possessifs
First Person Second Person Third Person
Singular mon, ma, mes my ton, ta, tes your son, sa, ses his, her
Plural notre, notre, nos our votre, votre, vos your leur, leur, leurs their


As you can probably tell from their name, possessive adjective are used to express possession of an object.

  • C’est mon livre. – It’s my book.

In English the possessive adjective agrees with the subject (his sister, her brother). But in French, possessive adjectives act like all other adjectives: they must agree with the noun they modify.

French Grammar • Travel
Possesive Adjective Usage Utilisation des adjectifs possessifs
Masculine Noun
le livre
Feminine Noun
la voiture
le livre de Marc
the book of Marc
son livre
his book
la voiture de Marc
the car of Marc
sa voiture
his car
les livres de Marc
the books of Marc
ses livres
his books
les voitures de Marc
the cars of Marc
ses voitures
his cars
le livre de Marie
the book of Marie
son livre
her book
la voiture de Marie
the car of Marie
sa voiture
her car
les livres de Marie
the books of Marie
ses livres
her books
les voitures de Marie
the cars of Marie
ses voitures
her cars

Whether the third person singular possessive adjectives son, sa and ses are his or her is indicated by context.

  • Elle lit son livre. – She reads her book.

Liaison and Adjective Changes

Liaison occurs when mon, ton, and son are followed by a vowel.

  • Il est monnami. – He is my friend.
  • Il est tonnami. – He is your friend.
  • Il est sonnami. – He is his/her friend.

Liaison also occurs with all plural forms, since they all end in s.

  • Ils sont meszamis. – They are my friends.
  • Ils sont noszamis. – They are our friends.

Mon, ton, and son are used before a feminine singular noun that starts with a vowel or silent h. Elision (to m’, t’, or s’) does not occur.

  • Elle est monnamie. – She is my friend.


French Vocabulary • Travel
Travel Voyage
General Vehicles
l’aéroport (m) Airport l’auto (f) car
le billet ticket (for train, airplane) l’avion (m) Airplane
la poste post office l’autobus (m) bus
la station station le bateau Boat
le métro subway, underground le train train
les bagages baggage le taxi taxi
le ticket ticket (for bus, métro) la voiture car
la valise suitcase
Room la chambre
free room chambre de libre