Lesson 9: Art

Regular -re Verbs

The third category of regular verbs is made up of -re’ verbs. To conjugate, drop the -re to find the “stem” or “root”. Add endings to the root based on the subject and tense, as demonstrated below for the present tense.


French Grammar • Art
-re Verb Formation Formation des verbes en -re
attendre – to wait
pronoun ending verb
je (j’) -s attends
tu -s attends
il/elle attend
nous -ons attendons
vous -ez attendez
ils/elles -ent attendent


The verb vendre is a regular -re verb:

French Verb • Present Indicative
vendre to sell
Singular Plural
first person je vends jeuh vahn I sell nous vendons noo vahn dohn we sell
second person tu vends too vahn you sell vous vendez voo vahn day’ you sell
third person il vend eel vahn he sells ils vendent eel vahnde they sell
(masc. or mixed)
elle vend ell vahn she sells
on vend oh vahn one sells elles vendent ell vahnde they sell (fem.)

Common -re Verbs

Compared to -er verbs, -re verbs are not very common. You will however see the following verbs fairly often:

  • prendreto get, to take
    • Irregular conjugation: je prends, tu prends, il/elle/on prend, nous prenons, vous prenez, ils/elles prennent
  • mettreto put, to place
    • Irregular conjugation: je mets, tu mets, il/elle/on met, nous mettons, vous mettez, ils/elles mettent
  • connaîtreto know (Note: “savoir” may also mean to know)
    • Irregular conjugation: je connais, tu connais, il/elle/on connaît, nous connaissons, vous connaissez, ils/elles connaissent


French Vocabulary • Art
Music La musique
écouter de la musique to listen to music
des paroles lyrics (la parole = word)
le musicien musician
le compositeur composer
l’auteur (des paroles) (lyrics) writer
l’instrument (m) instrument
la clarinette clarinet
le violon violin
la harpe harp
la guitare guitar
le piano piano
la flûte flute