Lesson 10: Communication

-aître Verbs


French Verb • Communication
connaître to know (personally)
past participle: connu
Singular Plural
first person je connais jeuh cohnay I know nous connaissons noo cohnehssohn we know
second person tu connais too cohnay you know vous connaissez voo cohnehssay you know
third person il connaît eel cohnay he knows ils connaissent eel cohnesse they know
(masc. or mixed)
elle connaît ell cohnay she knows
on connaît ohn cohnay one knows elles connaissent ell cohnesse they know (fem.)

Other -aître verbs

  • apparaître – to appear
  • connaître – to know
  • disparaître – to disappear
  • naître – to be born1

1Naître has an irregular past participle (né) and takes être as its helping verb in perfect tenses.

Connaître & Savoir

Connaître is used to say that you know someone. Savoir is used to say that you know a fact or piece of information.

French Verb • Communication
savoir to know (as a fact)
past participle: su
Singular Plural
first person je sais jeuh say I know nous savons noo sahvohn we know
second person tu sais too say you know vous savez voo sahvay you know
third person il sait eel say he knows ils savent eel sahve they know
(masc. or mized)
elle sait ell say she knows
on sait ohn say one knows elles savent ell sahve they know (fem.)

Calling Others

Téléphoner (à) is used to say that you are calling (to) someone. In French, you call to someone, so the verb is used with indirect, and not direct, objects.

  • Je téléphone à Jacques.I’m calling Jacques.


Appeler is used to say what your name is. Je m’appelle… literally means I call myself.., but in English you would say My name is... Appeler is a regular -er verb, but, as you may have noticed, is also stem changing. In the present indicative, it is conjuagted as follows:

French Verb • Communication
appeler to call
past participle: appelé
Singular Plural
first person j’ appelle jahhpell I call nous appelons newzahh pell ohn we call
second person tu appelles too ahhpell you call vous appelez voozahh pellay you call
third person il appelle eel ahhpell he calls ils appellent eel ahhpell they call
(masc. or mized)
elle appelle ell ahhpell she calls
on appelle ohn ahhpell one calls elles appellent ell ahhpell they call (fem.)


French Verb • Communication
dire to say
past participle: dit
Singular Plural
first person je dis jeuh dee I say nous disons noo deezohn we say
second person tu dis too dee you say vous dites voo deet you say
third person il dit eel dee he says ils disent eel deez they say
(masc. or mized)
elle dit ell dee she says
on dit ohn dee one says elles disent ell deez they say (fem.)


  • le poste
  • le courier
  • le lettre
  • la boîte aux lettres
  • envoyer
  • recevoir

Envoyer & Recevoir

French Verb • Communication
envoyer to send
past participle: envoyé
Singular Plural
first person j’ envoie jahnvwah I send nous envoyons newzahnvwahyohn we send
second person tu envoies too ahnvwah you send vous envoyez voozahnvwahyay you send
third person il envoie eel ahnvwah he sends ils envoient eelzahnvwah they send
(masc. or mized)
elle envoie ell ahnvwah she sends
on envoie ohn ahnvwah one sends elles envoient ellzahnvwah they send (fem.)
French Verb • Communication
recevoir to receive
past participle: reçu
Singular Plural
first person je reçois jeuh rehswah I receive nous recevons newzay rehsevohn we receive
second person tu reçois too rehswah you receive vous recevez voo resehvay you receive
third person il reçoit eel rehswah he receives ils reçoivent eel rehswahve they receive
(masc. or mized)
elle reçoit ell rehswah she receives
on reçoit ohn rehswah one receives elles reçoivent ell rehswahve they receive (fem.)

Computers & the Internet

French Vocabulary • Communication
Technology La technologie
Computer Hardware Computer Software
le hardware hardware le software software
l’ordinateur (m) computer l’information information
l’écran (m) monitor le logiciel software (program)
le clavier keyboard le programme
la programmation
programming (adj)
la souris mouse le document document
l’imprimante (f) printer le fichier file
le CD-ROM CD-ROM The Internet
la disquette floppy disk aller sur Internet to go on the Internet
Computer Use le modem modem
utiliser to use la connexion connection
taper (un texte) to type (a text) connecter
être connecté
to connect
to be connected
sauvegarder (un fichier) to save (a file) le site site
exécuter to run, carry out l’e-mail (m) e-mail
stocker (des données) to store (data) naviguer (sur Internet) to navigate (the Internet)
cliquer to click télécharger to download
allumer to turn on transmettre to transmit
éteindre to turn off
(to extinguish)

French fact: the name of the company Logitech comes from the French term logiciel technolgie.